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Milky Eye Skream Recordings provides a hybrid approach to mixing and mastering audio utilizing the best of analog and digital audio tools in order to produce the best of both worlds kind of result. If you’re looking for that uniquely original state of the art sound for your record or release, you've come to the right sonic lab at Milky Eye Skream Recordings!



Create and capture your unique sound with Milky Eye Skream Recordings and our latest audio mixing and mastering   technologies! 


With a hybrid approach of using state of the art analog and digital mixing tools, Milky Eye Skream is able to professionally mix your record or release helping you create your own artistic sonic thumbprint!


 Get in touch with Milky Eye Skream today to reserve an initial mixing consultation. A world of artistic sound is at your fingertips!


With years of audio mastering experience, there’s no better option than Milky Eye Skream!


Using state of the art analog and digital mastering tools, gives you all the best sonic options for getting that absolute superior radio ready master for your record or release!


Get in touch to find out availability for scheduling a mastering session at Milky Eye Skream for your next record or release!

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The services provided by Milky Eye Skream Recordings are completely committed to staying true to shaping  your artistic vision and helping paint the sonic canvas that you have in mind! 


As an artist and client, you’ll collaborate closely with us throughout the entire mixing and mastering process to develop your highest quality professional record or release!


Get in touch to schedule your mix or master session with Milky Eye Skream Recordings today!

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